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The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, resolutely determined to restore peace in the East by defending the territorial integrity of the country, by striking hard the enemy. The Congolese Army is determined to Free DR Congo of foreign Armed terrorists mostly from Rwanda and Uganda.

While on Friday, June 3, the regular Congolese army proceeded with the burial of its soldiers, including 3 officers who fell on the field of honour during the clashes with the terrorists of the March 23 Movement (M23), the FARDC(Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo) are committed to continuing their mission to hunt down all negative forces in order to pacify the region.

In rout and panic, the terrorist movement of the M23 supported by Rwanda and Uganda, embarked on victimisation.

Through a statement , the terrorists spokesperson informs that the FARDC are preparing to launch, in the coming hours, their offensive, which has been in preparation for several days, against the positions of the M23.

This terrorist movement, which has repeatedly provoked the Congolese army by attacking several of its positions, notably at Rutshuru and Nyiragongo, claims that “several new FARDC units and new equipment from the various defense zones were very recently sent on the front line in view of a new attack by the government army”.Congolese Army

As paradoxical as it may seem, the M23 terrorists stresses in its press release that the FARDC would be supported by combatants from local and foreign armed groups, including the “FDLR-FOCA, under the command of Colonel Ruhinda, who are aligned on the Mwaro front in going towards Kasisa, while Nyatura fighters from Jean-Marie dressed in ICCN uniforms are deployed on the advanced front line of Bikenke”.

Based on its allegations, the M23 terrorists, whose modus operandi is victimisation, says it takes national and international community to witness this “umpteenth war initiative by the FARDC against the M23 despite the several recommendations of the Member States of the Security Council calling for an end to hostilities and the resumption of the Nairobi dialogue as initiated by the Conclave of Heads of State members of the Community of East African States, a dialogue to which our Movement has subscribed “.

Anticipating its defeat against the regular army, the M23 terrorists argues in its press release that the war will certainly have a winner and a loser, but it will only delay the “appropriate solution” as has been the case in recent decades. .

“The M23 affirms and reaffirms that there is no military solution to its claims, only an unrestricted dialogue on the root causes of the conflict would make it possible to identify effective avenues to definitively put an end to the conflict”, concludes this press release. .

There is no need to recall that several armed groups operating in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have agreed to participate in the Nairobi negotiations under the offices of Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Tshisekedi’s emissaries had challenged the M23 terrorists dispatched to the Kenyan capital as part of a “consultative dialogue”.

Indeed, everything had started well at midday, Saturday April 23, in Nairobi, Kenya between the team of experts appointed by the President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi and the first armed groups to arrive in Nairobi, under the Kenyan facilitation and in the presence of observers from Uganda, Rwanda, the general secretariat of the “East African Community” and the office of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General.

However, in the middle of the talks at the start of the evening, the participants were surprised to learn of the resumption of hostilities by the M23 in North Kivu.

This is how the government party made up of the Congolese Special Representative Serge Tshibangu, the Coordinator of the National Agreement Monitoring Mechanism Claude Ibalanky and General François Kabamba, military adviser to the Congolese President, had demanded and obtained from the Kenyan facilitation “the immediate expulsion” of the M23 terrorists from the talks.

The consultations continued after this suspension with the other armed groups because the emissaries of President Tshisekedi remained firm in this position despite the recourse of the belligerents of the M23 terrorists.

In addition, it should be remembered, the Congolese government has ruled out any negotiations with “the M23 terrorists”. Its spokesperson, Patrick Muyaya, said so on May 30, during a joint press conference held with army and police spokespersons.

Patrick Muyaya had indicated that the M23 terrorists chose not to participate in the Nairobi talks, “because surely there is a sponsor behind who has a hidden agenda”.

“The multi-recidivist attitude of the M23 terrorists exposes it to being subjected to force. How can you explain that there are those who started the talks in Nairobi, and those who could not get there for logistical reasons – the President of the Republic’s facilitation team stayed in Beni , Goma, Bukavu and Bunia for the consultations but the M23 terrorists chose not to be there? “, lamented the Minister of Communication and the Media.

The Minister of Communication and the Media, recalled that in the Nairobi process, it was agreed that all those who would be resistant to dialogue would face force.


Joram Jojo

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