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The national deputy, Henriette Wamu was named among the 10 personalities in whom Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo placed his trust in the board of directors responsible for coordinating the health sector of the Archdiocese of Kinshasa.

Indeed, the head of the Church in Kinshasa made this decision taking into account the issues of the day. This structure, which had never existed within the archdiocese of Kinshasa, will be chaired by himself Cardinal Ambongo, who established it or his delegate.Honorable Henriette WAMU

The honorable Wamu Henriette at Makala hospital, ex-Sanatorium located in the commune of Selembao, to relieve the sick.

Considering the need to constitute a Board of Directors to coordinate the health sector within the Archdiocese of Kinshasa; Having regard to our right to provide freely for the collation of ecclesiastical offices in the Archdiocese of Kinshasa (Can. 157); By virtue of our ordinary power (Can. 381), Decree:

Art. 1: Is constituted within the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, a Board of Directors responsible for coordinating the health sector, Art. 2: This Council is chaired by the Archbishop or his Delegate, specifies the document.

Wamu’s appointment is not a surprise, said a nun. Her commitment to children and the vulnerable is very evident. The elected Funa has always fought for a fairer society.Honorable Henriette WAMU

Since the elevation of Monsignor Ambongo as Archbishop of Kinshasa, followed by his cardinal creation by the Pope, the moral authority of the CPA has always reaffirmed its determination to work with him.

“Archbishop Ambongo has always worked in truth and for the good of the people of God,” she said.

Henriette Wamu is a devout Catholic. Every Sunday, she prays at Charles Lwanga parish in the commune of Bandalungwa.Honorable Henriette WAMU

From her childhood, Wamu chose the path of God. In her mouth, she preaches Christian values. IHer success is linked to God. And wherever she goes, she asks her loved ones, her constituents to believe in God. All her victories, she always puts in the hands of the lord.

That is why when the news of the rise of Archbishop Ambongo to the cardinal dignity was announced, she gave thanks to God while welcoming the choice of Pope Francis. She considers the cardinalate of Fridolin Ambongo as a blessing.

“The creation of Monsignor Ambongo as cardinal is a blessing for the country, for the city of Kinshasa but above all for all Catholic Christians scattered across the DRC”.

Below is the list of the 10 personalities who have been appointed, in order to carry out this structure.

1. Father François LUYEYE: Permanent Secretary

2. Abbé Pérenne MUSIMU: Member

3. Doctor Désiré MASHINDA: Member

4. Doctor MUSONGELA: Member

5. Sister Cécile AAMBA: Member

6. Professor Josaphat NDELO: Member

7. Master Elie NGOMO: Member

8. Honorable Henriette WAMU: Member

9. Doctor Angélique KIKUDI: Member

10. Doctor François MINZEMBA: Membe