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The Congolese Army have announced the surrender of at least 233 militiamen from the armed group Coopérative pour le Développement du Congo (CODECO), since January 3 in the territory of Djugu, Ituri province.

These now ex-rebels, who are currently pre-confined to the Kpandroma site in Djugu territory, are supported by the Congolese state. As confirmed by Colonel Kauhanda Désiré who is leading the operation.

The same source says that these militiamen have agreed to leave the bush and abandoned their positions in the Jiba village and that the surrender operation will continue “in order to favour the return of peace” in this territory of Djugu, long under the grip of negative forces.

They say they respond to the call of Head of State Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.

It should be noted that community conflicts between the Hema and the Lendu have erupted since 2017. There are hundreds of people killed, houses burned down and several displaced.

Passing through this region a few months ago, the head of state Félix Tshisekedi called on local communities to live in peace to facilitate the development of Djugu and the entire province of Ituri. He also invited local armed groups to lay down their arms.