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Patient General Manager Sayiba has for some time been the target of a corrosive media campaign that attacks his person and the stability and prestige of an entire public enterprise, OGREFREM. In a social and political context where the coronavirus pandemic seems to have inoculated certain spirits of venom with virulent malice, the launchers of poisoned arrows abound. But, they got the wrong target by targeting a successful manager who has nothing to be ashamed of. The avalanche of incantatory titles (like calling a misfortune on the OGEFREM), exploit with malice, a gestative judicial procedure. This cabal tends to sully the prestige of OGREFREM and tarnish the image of its manager appreciated for his productivity. Hateful fabricators and opportunist politicians have emerged from their sordid lairs to inject into public opinion, false innuendos about the management of this enterprise and its projects.

It must be emphasized that in addition to the granitic fact of the irreproachability of the CEO of OGEFREM, the field of its management carries a productivity that agents, unionists, experts, national and international partners recognize. This conspiracy is clearly an opportunistic approach by individuals who, at each stage of the process of appointing agents for public enterprises, open influence peddling shops and shameless political manipulations, for placements in the positions they envy.

It is an outmoded practice of politicians destroying public enterprises. This is why, an emphasis is placed below, on the need, for the government, to conform to the leitmotif of change of mentalities, advocated by President Félix Tshisekedi, to put an end to the practices of the political maneuvers aiming at destabilizing the managers of public enterprises.

Another point shows that under his current leadership, OGREFREM has operated a remarkable performance. An appeal is launched to the Minister of the Portfolio, the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic to ensure that the efficient managers of public enterprises with clear visions are protected against this type of cabal. It is imperative to ensure the stability and managerial cohesion of public enterprises with proven productivity.


The heinous cabal mounted against D.G Sayiba is part of an evil practice inherent in mental badness which is intensifying more and more in our country. This practice is especially recurrent during each period when the authorities are about to proceed with the appointment of managers of public enterprises. Whatever the regime, or the rulers at the top of the state, there are always malicious politicians who resort to trading in influence, even to slander to discredit certain proxies in office, and who are efficient, to place their pions.OGREFREM

These machinations, which are often initiated by politicians, use the lies of some hateful former proxies, even ambitious executives or crooked unionists. They spread false accusations in the opinion against the agents in office.

The immoral aim is to discredit those whose positions are targeted by themselves or by their friends, or their brothers. These indecent machinations constitute a veritable exogenous pathology threatening the governance of public enterprises.

It is an immoral practice which must be condemned and uprooted from our society, in accordance with the leitmotif of the change of mentalists advocated by President F. Tshisekedi.

All experts from the IMF, the World Bank, the UNDP, and COPIREP are unanimous on the absolute necessity of rationality and serenity in the process of appointing public officers. This imperative requires that the government take into account not only competent candidates to be appointed, but especially effective agents in office.
In fact, the managers who set in motion the improved productivity of their companies, with remarkable financial and operational performances, ensuring social peace with the employees in the company and profitable projects in materialization, deserve to be kept in their posts. This guarantees stability in the governance of public enterprises while ensuring the continuity of their prosperity.

The rational management of a company imposes a productive continuum. This aspect is extremely important because appointments by manipulation, by political or tribal placement, which disrupt the enterprise which was already in a productive momentum, breaks the managerial momentum and reduces productivity.


The authorities and the national public deserve respect for their appreciable ability to distinguish the fabrications opposed to the truth on the cabal mounted from scratch against the leadership of OGREFREM. There is a clear distinction between the judicial file for which he is not only presumed innocent, but holds all the evidence of his innocence, on the one hand, and the ameliorative management that he implemented at OGEFREM, on the other go.

His detractors having realized that on the judicial side, he is flawless and their coup is a failure, clumsily try to blacken him on the shelf of his management.

Already on Monday, May 13, 2017, during the celebration of the 37th anniversary of OGEFREM, coinciding with the 100 days of its entry into office, the management committee had reported tangible results. These include, in financial terms, the increase in revenue of more than 15% for the 0.5 commission and 98% for the investment commission.

In addition, in terms of human resources management, in 100 days, the management committee had achieved regular wages, holiday pay and other benefits, thereby ensuring social peace. This was previously disrupted by intermittent pay and huge arrears.

The management committee had a clear vision focused on prudential stewardship, maximizing revenues through investment projects that drive operations.

A year later, in 2018, the management committee chaired by DG Sayiba had navigated the OGEFREM towards the achievement of the objectives formulated in 2017. In fact, in 2018, in financial terms, the revenues which rose with a certain amount of $ 1.5 million bar previously, had been catapulted more than 200%.

An extremely rare performance in such a short time, in a public company. In terms of human resources management, the conditions were clearly improved: all the back wages and bonuses accumulated (a permanent pathology of public enterprises) had been paid off.

At the end of fiscal 2018, OGREFEM was one of the few public companies in its category to post revenues of more than $ 41 million (Zoom Eco November 13, 2018, Forum des As November 13, 2018). In the operational area, OGEFREM was able to regain its sovereignty in the area of ​​Congolese multimodal freight management.

To this end, the company had a fully computerized and autonomous management system for its FERIs.

For the 2019 financial year, on the budgetary projection of $ 64 million annually (Zoom Eco November 29, 2018) with a monthly average of $ 5, 3 million, the achievement is close to 120%. The volume of FERIs operating its operations recorded growth of almost 120%. And even better, thanks to financial partners convinced of financial and operational performance, the management committee had launched the ultramodern investment project of a Port Sec in Kasumbalesa.

The prestigious international business corporation FORBES, had awarded DG Sayiba in New York for the restructuring and integrating nature of this project. The performance is clearly tangible.

At the continental level, the performance of OGREFREM has won it admiration in Africa. This is how its managing director was invited to be a brand co-actor at the inauguration of the office of African Cargo Union in Walvis Bay in Namibia, in conjunction with CEO Theo Ben Guirab, on June 29, 2018 (Business Erongo 29 June 2018). Another brand invitation, where the performances of OGREFREM were appreciated and that of Libreville in Gabon.
This prestigious conference of multimodal freight management companies brought together more than 19 countries. It was an honor to organize the next meeting in Kinshasa. It is therefore luminescently clear that the management committee of OGEFREM is one of the very rare executive teams of public enterprises achieving performance that is both financial, operational and in human management.

Internationally, OGREFREM is the pride of the DRC. So it is irrational, indecent and even extremely perilous to let this enterprise be destabilized by devious political maneuvers.

Its Director General is almost psychologically attacked on a daily basis, in a veritable orchestrated campaign of media terrorism with relentlessness on his person.

Yet he is said to have the peace of mind to focus on managing the business and devising strategies to counter the adverse effects of the global recession caused by the Covid-19 that disrupted international trade and operations. international freight.


The judicial procedure must imperatively comply with the prescriptions of the law and the constitution. But, it is perilous for the Congolese State that a company like OGEFREM which is efficient is destabilized by political maneuvers. It is an aberration to attack a company that achieves social peace with employees and generates tangible income.

It is incomprehensible that political irrationalities target only productive enterprises, instead of encouraging their management committees. Companies that are not even able to pay agent salaries (with salary arrears of several years) are ignored.

However, it is in these dysfunctional enterprises that the government should seek to place new managers who are considered to be competent, so that they bring productivity to it, instead of destabilizing effective management committees.

It is immoral and indecent that individuals carrying the venom of hatred and malfeasance exploit a preliminary judicial process to try to demean an efficient manager appreciated by employees, union members, clients, partners, both national and international. . As a society we must free ourselves from the vice of the tendency to enjoy the harm done to others.

And in this case, this evil targeting a successful public enterprise jeopardizing its stability. Yet efficiently, this company provides service to economic operators involved in international transactions, generates income for the state and is above all an employer of the thousands of Congolese who feed thousands of families.

The Government, through the Minister of the Portfolio (whose lucidity is known), is called upon to protect public enterprises from destabilizing initiatives wherever they come from.

In addition, the appointment of agents, as prescribed by experts from international organizations and COPIREP, should take into account the efficiency of managers in office, to avoid irrational managerial discontinuities in productive public enterprises.

Those whose objective analysis of performance indicators establishes tangible breakthroughs bringing added value to companies, require the protection and encouragement of their managers.

The state can only expect an improvement in revenues from its companies if the government adequately supervises managers with the principle of meritocracy by sending rational signals of support to successful managers.

If the rule of law becomes an awkward state vis-à-vis the managers of public enterprises, there is a danger.

Madison Mutayi,

Managerial and economic analyst