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The national Minister of the economy launched, last Wednesday February 19, in Kinshasa, the control of the prices of products of first necessity on the markets.

According to Acacia Bandubola, the objective of this control which benefits from the agreement of the government, is to discover the truth of the prices on the markets. At the end of this mission, she promised, economic operators outside the law will be punished.Acacia Bandubola

“We have the objective of doing this control because we are looking for the truth of the prices. We want to reconcile the prices on the markets and the prices which had to be applied taking into account the profit margin. That is why, what control is very important. We have the approval of the government to be able to carry out this control and it is a control which can lead to sanctions when we find the economic operators outside the profit margin or outside the law “, said the number one in the national economy.Acacia Bandubola

Minister Bandubola also wanted to emphasize that this is a routine check. It is, according to her, different from the punctual economic control which takes place once a year.

“This is what we are doing is called a routine check. A routine check is done whenever the opportunity arises. It is a check, although it is routine, it is targeted or ad hoc control because it targets a certain category of companies that sell a certain category of foodstuffs, “said the Minister of Economy.Acacia Bandubola

She also announced that the results of this control will be submitted to the entire government of the Republic.Acacia Bandubola

The price control of essential goods will extend over 10 days and concerns the whole Republic. She will focus on the period between November 30, 2019 and February 10, 2020, during which an increase in the prices of certain goods was noticed.

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