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Greater Congo is balkanized

Without “Patriotism” and “Resistance”, two intrinsic values ​​the Greater Congo is balkanized. Patriotism is love of country. And resistance must be exercised if the country is in danger of invasion-occupation. Longonya to all our compatriots in the Congolese diaspora around the world who are fighting for the united Congo in eternal unity.

I rebel against all those by tribal coterie and Talibanism insult Boketshu wa Yambo, Colonel Odon Mbo, Ma Youyou Muntu Mosi, Commandant Esso, Kerwin Mayizo, Roger Bongos, Fabien Kusuanika and many others who are arbitrarily vilified by Bena Mpuka, Taliban and tribalo-ethnic without republican ideals.

Let’s no longer be distracted. Distraction risks losing us. The anti-concert fatwa worked. For 10 years now corrupt musicians, actors, singers, politicians and pastors have not come to Europe on missions ordered to distract us. Congolese girls are no longer fatigued by songwriters for papers, our Congolese boys no longer steal from department stores to undermine troubadours from the country.

The Congolese elite has failed in its majority in its mission. Normally an elite awakens the conscience of the people. It is a beacon that lights up the horizon. And when someone is appointed Minister, it is the members of his tribe who pass press releases to the Rtnc and go to the house of the nominee. And the individual, instead of working for the Republic, works for his tribe and his clan. The public interest does not exist. The political parties are family ligablo, they die the day of the death of the founder.

Tshilombo’s Election has revealed many things. While Mister 15% stole the election of Martin Fayulu 62.8%, Angwalima Tshilombo, Grand Fakwa of the fate of the Congolese people is supported by the majority of Kasaians, who believe that it is their turn. The theft of Tshilombo, famous greedy Tshisekedi son is magnified and sacred. And yet his evil deal endangers the future of the Congo. Fatshi Concrete, slogan of the brainless and ignorant. Fatshi Concrete is a dog lying in Kigali. Fatshi Concrete has no power. Fatshi Concrete is Tshintuntu who makes impractical and convoluted promises. Surrounded by chekulards, Fatshi and his 800 thieves plague the country.

We see Vital Kamerhe in Kigali handing over 30 cows to James Kabarebe whose son got married. Is it not the same Rwandan James Kabarebe, Chief of Staff expelled under M’Zée Laurent-Désiré Kabila, had started the second war of aggression against the DRC, on August 2, 1998? Was it not James Kabarebe who had poisoned and liquidated all the Faz officers in Kitona? Was it not James Kabarebe who cut off the current at the Inga dam, depriving Kinshasa of electricity and causing the death of several premature infants in hospitals? And the same James Kaberebe returned to his country Rwanda. He was Chief of Staff and then Minister of Defense. What do the Udpsiens and Udpsistes say that Kamerhe is the coach of Angwalima Tshilombo?

To save the Congo, patriotism must be encouraged, resistance too, and punish traitors and collaborators. For those who hold political office: High Treason must be severely punished. The FCC-CACH deal is that of traitors and Collabos. They must get out! Angwalima Tshilombo is bringing the right country to its Balkanization. Its alliance with the enemies of the Congo is no longer to be demonstrated. The Balkanizers rely on the so-called son Tshisekedi to better Balkanize the Congo. The bewitched plays its role, we must stop it and release it.
Our country Congo looks like a canoe on the river. We have to cross it to reach the other shore. Angwalima tshilombo “Tshintuntu” takes a drill from his pocket and begins to make holes in the canoe … What should we do? He must be fired in order to fill the gaps. Otherwise, everyone leaves their skin there.

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