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Democratic Republic of Congo Forums Spoiler Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo , stole the voices of the Congolese people

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    Félix Antoine Tshisekedi TshilomboNo respect or consideration even less compassion for Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo  Bizimungu wa Kanambe, is a thief of the voices of the Congolese people, thief of hope, dreams of a bruised and degraded people. By accepting his odious deal with Alias Kabila to be named pseudo-president and occupy the chair, while the Congolese people voted Martin Fayulu to 62%, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo 16% must face the truth of the polls. He is an impostor-usurper. The Un elected, Tshilombo is illegitimate.

    Joseph Kabila and his puppet Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe are at war for 100 years!

    It is a muscular cohabitation that is coming! it will bleed, blood will flow! The puppeteer Joseph ​​Kabila and his puppet Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe, two mafia accomplices are already fighting! Their marriage against nature, on the back of the Congolese people will steal! Both Angwalima and Podcasts have pacified themselves, without witnesses. Their odious deal to share the powers, sell the Congo to the multinationals and continue to enslave the Congolese people is doomed to failure! Mr. 16% Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo having accepted a deal with Alias ​​Kabila who appointed him, is the cause of the cause of this post-election crisis. Political thief, imposter and usurper, Félix Tshilombo has agreed to sit on the presidential seat by election and not by election. Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe is the Congolese Marshal Pétain, named protocol president, he believes to fight the evil by the evil whereas he and his family UDPS, party of collaborators and traitors to the Nation, reached the top of the State by the the same evils of corruption and theft, which plague the Rdcian society. Mafious, Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe is a thief of dreams, knowledge, salary, education, health, strength, smile, etc.

    The war is already declared between the FCC and its ally and partner UDPS, a 100-year war that is already known how it will go No constitutional or legal provision gives the President the power to suspend the installation of the Senate or postpone a election – in this case that of the Governors. Fighting corruption must be done in accordance with the law. This is the rule of law.

    The election of governors is postponed and the installation of elected senators is suspended. These decisions taken at the end of the institutional meeting held on Monday, chaired by Felix Tshisekedi are rejected by the Common Front for Congo (FCC). Joseph Kabila’s platform recalls that the inter institutional meeting is only a framework for consultation. As a result, she has no decision-making power. Indeed, the decisions of the inter institutional meeting are:

    1. Suspension installation of elected Senators.

    2. Suspension of election of Governors

    3. The PGR must open investigations to sanction the corrupt and corruption.

    The response of the irrigated sprinkler was not long in coming: “If we want the cancellation of senatorial elections we start with the cancellation of December 30, because it is these elections that are the logical result of senators and also the governors.The CENI must publish the results office by office and constituency by constituency elections of December 30. This is the starting point that allowed Kabila to arrogate the majority in senatorial and provincial assemblies.

    Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe is a lonely man. He is “Guru” of Bena Mpuka, Taliban, Ethnotribalists and Tribal ethnic. He has appointed 110 councilors, 95% of whom are his tribal brothers. This chubby-cheeked individual unashamedly displays his shameless tribalism. Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe is not with the Congolese people. Cupid, he wants to get rich quickly and has no qualms. In his 100-year war that he has just unleashed, he has to fight alone against the FCC. The Congolese people do not support his flight, his decisions are nil.

    On Monday, February 25, on the sidelines of a conference in Brussels, Archbishop Emeritus of Kinshasa, Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo, said Martin Fayulu won the presidential election on December 30, 2018. Until then, the Congolese Church, which challenges the results published by the CENI, had never explicitly mentioned the name of Martin Fayulu as the winner of the election. The National Episcopal Conference of the Congo (Cenco) was content, by the voice of its Secretary General, Father Donatien Nshole, to say that the results published by the Electoral Commission were not in line with those held by the observers of the ‘Church. She then applied to the UN Security Council for arbitration, asking her to have the CENI publish the polling station minutes “to remove doubts”. As Congolese say, Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe Ako Silisa Yango!

    Monsignor Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, in front of the Great Catholic Conferences on the theme “What future for the Congo? Was clear and limpid. “Indeed, it was he [Martin Fayulu] who won the elections,” he said several times, adding, “And that’s the problem.” The man of the Church, already influential under the Mobutu Sese Seko regime (1965-1997), left the archdiocese of Kinshasa in 2018.
    The famous Independent National Electoral Commission-CENI proclaimed Felix Tshilombo winner of the presidential election of December 30th. A result subsequently confirmed by the corrupt Constitutional Court. But the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (Cenco) questioned these results.

    Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe unleashed his 100-year war against Alias ​​Kabila who named him by saying that Trump’s US government and Macron’s French are his supporters. We will see, if the US GI and the French foreign legion will land in the Congo to support an impostor-usurper, thief voices of a people homeless by a ventriote political class, mangecrate and greedy! Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu wa Kanambe has his destiny behind him. He came to power through the window, stealing the victory of the Congolese people. Raptors Raptors Felix Tshilombo will he face the silent Alias ​​Kabila who has the whole Congolese army under his orders? Will the policemen with their cartridge-less Kalashnikovs who guard Felix Tshilombo stand up against the Bana Mura who obey only Alias ​​Kabila? The FCC Alias ​​Kabila persists and signs that he will sit in the Senate on March 30, who says better?


    Greater Congo is balkanized

    Without “Patriotism” and “Resistance”, two intrinsic values ​​the Greater Congo is balkanized. Patriotism is love of country. And resistance must be exercised if the country is in danger of invasion-occupation. Longonya to all our compatriots in the Congolese diaspora around the world who are fighting for the united Congo in eternal unity.

    I rebel against all those by tribal coterie and Talibanism insult Boketshu wa Yambo, Colonel Odon Mbo, Ma Youyou Muntu Mosi, Commandant Esso, Kerwin Mayizo, Roger Bongos, Fabien Kusuanika and many others who are arbitrarily vilified by Bena Mpuka, Taliban and tribalo-ethnic without republican ideals.

    Let’s no longer be distracted. Distraction risks losing us. The anti-concert fatwa worked. For 10 years now corrupt musicians, actors, singers, politicians and pastors have not come to Europe on missions ordered to distract us. Congolese girls are no longer fatigued by songwriters for papers, our Congolese boys no longer steal from department stores to undermine troubadours from the country.

    The Congolese elite has failed in its majority in its mission. Normally an elite awakens the conscience of the people. It is a beacon that lights up the horizon. And when someone is appointed Minister, it is the members of his tribe who pass press releases to the Rtnc and go to the house of the nominee. And the individual, instead of working for the Republic, works for his tribe and his clan. The public interest does not exist. The political parties are family ligablo, they die the day of the death of the founder.

    Tshilombo’s Election has revealed many things. While Mister 15% stole the election of Martin Fayulu 62.8%, Angwalima Tshilombo, Grand Fakwa of the fate of the Congolese people is supported by the majority of Kasaians, who believe that it is their turn. The theft of Tshilombo, famous greedy Tshisekedi son is magnified and sacred. And yet his evil deal endangers the future of the Congo. Fatshi Concrete, slogan of the brainless and ignorant. Fatshi Concrete is a dog lying in Kigali. Fatshi Concrete has no power. Fatshi Concrete is Tshintuntu who makes impractical and convoluted promises. Surrounded by chekulards, Fatshi and his 800 thieves plague the country.

    We see Vital Kamerhe in Kigali handing over 30 cows to James Kabarebe whose son got married. Is it not the same Rwandan James Kabarebe, Chief of Staff expelled under M’Zée Laurent-Désiré Kabila, had started the second war of aggression against the DRC, on August 2, 1998? Was it not James Kabarebe who had poisoned and liquidated all the Faz officers in Kitona? Was it not James Kabarebe who cut off the current at the Inga dam, depriving Kinshasa of electricity and causing the death of several premature infants in hospitals? And the same James Kaberebe returned to his country Rwanda. He was Chief of Staff and then Minister of Defense. What do the Udpsiens and Udpsistes say that Kamerhe is the coach of Angwalima Tshilombo?

    To save the Congo, patriotism must be encouraged, resistance too, and punish traitors and collaborators. For those who hold political office: High Treason must be severely punished. The FCC-CACH deal is that of traitors and Collabos. They must get out! Angwalima Tshilombo is bringing the right country to its Balkanization. Its alliance with the enemies of the Congo is no longer to be demonstrated. The Balkanizers rely on the so-called son Tshisekedi to better Balkanize the Congo. The bewitched plays its role, we must stop it and release it.
    Our country Congo looks like a canoe on the river. We have to cross it to reach the other shore. Angwalima tshilombo “Tshintuntu” takes a drill from his pocket and begins to make holes in the canoe … What should we do? He must be fired in order to fill the gaps. Otherwise, everyone leaves their skin there.





    The Finance Law has three main parts in the DRC:

    – The general budget;

    – Additional budgets;

    – Special accounts.

    The Budget for a financial year is not to be confused with the corresponding Cash Plan.

    The latter is a tool for managing and steering the execution of the Budget with regard to fluctuations in the economic situation and constraints found in the field. Thus, the Cash Plan is adjustable, that is to say varies periodically depending on the data present.

    To obtain the Treasury Plan, it is necessary to deduct from the Finance Law, at the level of the general budget external resources in the form of grants or loans which are already pre-allocated, the annexed budgets and the special accounts, which fall under the activity of companies emerging at this level.

    Thus, after deduction of these elements, the 2020 Finance Law is voted in balance at 18.545.2 billion CDF. This overall amount is brought down to CDF 13.869 billion taking into account the underlying macroeconomic framework. This amount can be considered for the Cash Plan as the maximum amount of income and expenditure, in other words in cashable products and disbursements.

    However, as the macroeconomic framework is not frozen but shifting and the circumstances which prevailed when the Budget was adopted have changed, the Cash Plan takes up the realities of the moment in its content.

    The Public Sector Treasury Plan based on current realities

    This Cash Plan results from taking into account the unfavorable trends of the current economic situation. It retains total revenue and expenditure of CDN 9,195.6 billion and 9,545.6 billion respectively.

    The result is a CDF 350 billion deficit to be covered by the issuance of treasury bills to be subscribed by commercial banks.

    This Treasury Plan is therefore based on zero monetary funding from the Central Bank of Congo in accordance with the criteria of the reference program (from January to May) and the formal program to come.

    The level of revenue refers to the current statements of the Financial Boards after taking into account in particular the consecutive slowdowns in global growth and their repercussions on domestic growth as well as the lagged effects resulting from the collapse in the last quarter of 2018 of the price of Cobalt.

    The new revenue level was determined by applying a 20% increase on current revenue stopped at the end of December 2019 (CDF 7,487.947 billion) based on the trend observed over the past three years. Their monthly payment is obtained by applying the average monthly weighting by heading.

    With the exception of remuneration, external debt service and retrocessions to the financial authorities, for the remainder of the expenditure, the average for the achievements for 2019 was applied with some adjustments in relation to the projected annual and monthly balance.

    The compensation envelope retained in the 2019 fourth quarter Treasury Plan has been updated on the basis of information communicated by the Payroll Department for the first quarter of 2020, followed by an increase of CDF 30 billion for the second quarter of 2020. , from CDF 20 billion for the third quarter of 2020 (same envelope for the fourth quarter). The projections of the Directorate General of Public Debt on external debt have been aligned;

    As for retrocessions to the financial authorities, the usual rates of 5% and 10% respectively for the receipts of the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) and the General Directorate of Customs and Assizes (DGDA), and for the General Directorate of Administrative Receipts, , state and portfolio (DGRAD) were applied. The reimbursement of issues of public securities made in the last quarter of 2019 has been taken into account.


    The difference between the two Treasury Plans is due in particular to the variability of the economic situation, the periodicity linked to the deadlines for implementing revenue control measures and the impact of the structural reforms envisaged in 2020.

    Generally speaking, the responses to these structural measures and reforms, if they are properly applied and monitored, will not be possible until 2021.

    In any case, it is imperative to note that the budgetary commitment plans must be adjusted to the different Cash Plans that will prevail. In this way, the stacking of commitments, liquidations and orders will be avoided, in short the swelling of budgetary outstandings and even the risk of recourse to monetary financing from the Central Bank. It goes without saying that such management excludes recourse to emergency procedures and secondments.

    Coordination between the Ministries of Budget and Finance and the latter with the Central Bank must be essential.

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