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Two logics clash and risk annihilating the efforts undertaken and compromise the chances of the organization of the elections soothed in R & D. Congo. The evaluation of the electoral process, the dice of which are now being thrown in Kananga, with the hotspot postponing the elections and setting a new electoral timetable which would probably go to new indications of dates or, Simply, the sine die of the elections, raises waves in the Congolese political microcosm.

Action and reaction-interactions

Already, Eve Bazaïba, the Coordinator of the Front for the Respect of the Constitution, the very one who, in conscience and soul, refused to embark in the boat of the CNSA that directs Joseph Olenghankoy, warns against any referral of elections , After 31 December 2017. On Sunday, 27 April, Laurent Batumona, of the People’s Front and Leader of the Solidarity Movement for Change, spoke, rightly, of the walls of the New Year’s Eve Agreement which, His eyes were broken, and that the Bishops, who were the principal architects of this work, must return to rebuild them. What is more, this call from one of the Sages of the Rally of Political and Social Forces to change, in this case Kitenge Yesu who, writing his message as part of a series of political mornings for his In Ngiri-Ngiri, referred to the need to place the interest of the country above partisan gains.


Here, it excluded the possibility for the political class to remain confined or cloistered, in a congruent vision, that of redimensioning all the present and future action, leaving behind the clichés and caricatures individualized. Concretely, using several proverbs, he appealed, without embarrassment, to the return to the Bishops’ scheme, to save what could still be before the situation went from bad to worse. Who would understand it if, in any case, each political camp does not let go of the ballast. And let each one maintain his original position. So to make a leap becomes, at all costs, an imperative, to boost the process and orient it in the direction intended by the largest number of Congolese. It will be in vain to evaluate or publish electoral calendars, but if the consensus is broken, nothing good will emerge. Hence, in circles opposed to the evaluation scheme, as well as all its misdeeds on the rest of the electoral process, not forgetting, of course, the frills and other tensions that were announced, with meetings and other planned muscular actions, It is increasingly advisable for all the parties involved in direct discussions to change their minds, in order not to sacrifice the Congolese people on the altar of a superfluous and useless suicide, whereas misery, Call it, grows everyday more.

Formerly, did not the Head of State, Joseph Kabila, visiting Kisangani, Tshopo, in the new Province born of the dismemberment on the ashes of the former Province Orientale, had not met Archbishop Marcel Utembi, the President of the CENCO? Even if today, nothing has ever filtered on the content of this tete-a-tete, it remains that the boursicteurs are lost in conjectures on the underside of the cards. There was, as it were, a glimmer of this famous return to the starting-point. Some, more optimistic than Jesus Christ, believed that the days were counted at their fingertips, so that President Kabila, the Supreme Authority of the country, would return to the fundamentals of the Agreement for an implementation that Would honor the greatness of the country and, in addition, the memory of Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, the man without which, the situation that was out by 2016, around December 20, would not have been defused.

Way of Wisdom

A schema, a whole new one then, which would go in the direction of rounding the angles, of bringing together the tenors of the Rassemblement de Limete of the First Congolese Citizen via the Bishops, remains the only plank of salvation, it is believed, on this side -the. Unless we can still take advantage of the trick, by betting on a miracle attached to the formula of going there in an electoral process fixed to the hussar, placing all the others before a fait accompli, and even in short -circuiting all those who remain, while trampling under foot, the Agreement of the New Year’s Eve. And yet, after a broad consensus gathered in his time, the presidency, coupled with the national and provincial legislative elections, was scheduled for December 31, 2017. What is the situation today? Several months later, the machine, although having arrived at the end of the maneuver, advances in sawtooth. For many analysts, it does not even advance. Besides, others believe that it is advancing, rather, backwards.

Intensive care

But how long can the patience of a whole people be played thus? And with who ? For what purposes? In this way, such a situation can not last indefinitely. The present crisis, fueled by dry strikes, is clearly not likely to favor a posture arrested outside of this Agreement, the full application of which is demanded by the Congolese people, UN and the rest of the world. It is absolutely necessary that both sides put a flap in their political strategies and tactics to get the country out of the precipice. It is urgent to admit Congo-Kinshasa to intensive care.


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