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 Since 1 February 2017, it has now been nearly seven months since Etienne Tshisekedi, the defender of Congolese democracy, passed from life to death. In Kinshasa, maneuvers between his biological, political and governmental family, for a funeral and deserved tributes are still under negotiation. The Limete sphinx, despite its many sacrifices and fights carried out throughout its life on the land of men, has still not been repatriated or buried. The Government, which had more than once pledged to repatriate the body of the deceased, in order to be worthily mourned in his country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is no longer paying enough attention since this affair of the cemetery of The Gombe, which in its time required nearly 250,000 US dollars, while Samy Badibanga Ntita was still a tenant of the Government House on the edge of the Gombe, was trying to cut himself in four Pieces, to do it. Apparently, at the arrival of Tshibala, the little windows of opportunity no longer had any effects of a lesser concretization, if not these few releases or announcements, good enough to feed the chronicle or play trumpet -eye.

The meditated fighters will wait another time, until the Congolese authorities return to good feelings.

Why Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba still does not come back? There is suspicion that this is not a bad scenario for the public authorities, so that their bodies never return to R & D. Congo. Since his death, negotiations have begun between the government, the biological family of the deceased, and his political party, the UDPS, to bring to Kinshasa the mortal remains from Brussels where he died in the Clinique Sainte Elisabeth. Negotiations that always balance between waiting and refusal.

Subsequently, the UDPS then proposed that “Ya Tshitshi” be buried in a mausoleum that the Congolese state should build in his honor, and in recognition of all he has done for the Congolese people. Etienne Tshisekedi has spent the whole of his political career under the cap of several responsibilities of state and uncontested opponent and unavoidable. For years, several years later, he knew how to drain behind him a people who believed in him and in his politics.

Projects for the construction of this mausoleum were designed by a Belgian architect who, according to sources, was threatened. Finally, at the beginning of August, the Government decided finally to repatriate the remains to Kinshasa without giving a precise date. While the Rally, a movement created during his lifetime, led by his son, Felix Tshisekedi, with a large number of political forces, to face up to the current government, demanded that they cede the throne and organize the elections, Meeting scheduled for 3 September, the Government still does not set a date for repatriation. One wants to show the good will to bury a worthy son of the soil, but in the meantime, this pretext is used to destabilize any grouping, which could carry high, the sound of his distress.

The holding of the famous meeting which, until then, still receives no approval from the Town Hall, becomes hypothetical. Obviously, evil blows are being prepared here and there. If the Government really wants the peace and security of its citizens, there are definitely decisions to be made in order to set a clear and precise date for this very embarrassing situation to be decanted. This national hero deserves a minimum of honour. Spread the word !

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