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A crisis of legitimacy of the power established at the leadership of the Bugobe grouping in Kabare territory, DRC persists.

Two group leaders were appointed at the same time, one by the administrator of the territory and the other by the chief of Kabare.

One of two group leaders died on Friday, January 10, and since then people close to him have accused the other camp of being behind the death.

Much more according to our sources, in the evening from Friday to Saturday, the father of a human rights activist who routinely denounces the lethargy at the head of this group was shot dead by unidentified gunmen.

These same sources inform that this murder would be linked to conflicts between the two tendencies which dispute the management of the grouping of Bugobe.

The union of interests of Kabare Sykaba condemns these acts of violence and pleads for an urgent intervention of the provincial governor in order to find a favorable solution to this problem.

Sykaba coordinating president Jacques Cirhimwami thinks that the situation is untenable and deserves special attention from the authorities.

Now is a good time for the provincial governor to take up this matter. As a reminder, A.T. appointed a group leader on the orders of the provincial interior minister, and the chiefdom in turn appointed another group leader. Here ! Two camps have been set up, the inhabitants are mixing up and we are already recording the deaths and others starting to flee the environment, said Jacques Cirhimwami.

Let us note that certain elected provincial deputies of Kabare had made a trip to Bugobe.

On the spot, these elected officials exchanged with the different layers of the population who gave them information regarding this situation.

Members of this caucus of elected Kabare MPs also met with the provincial interior minister on the matter and agreed to work on it to find lasting solutions.