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People must respect Congolese state property

No more impunity. People must respect Congolese state property. ” This is the message launched by the Minister of State in charge of Town Planning and Habitat, after having started this Tuesday February 18, 2020, a decisive safari of observation and study of the spaces and buildings of the Congolese State. Accompanied by the Secretary General of his administration as well as those responsible for certain services, including that in charge of State property, Pius Muabilu first visited the Mayfer building, at the crossroads of Boulevard du 30 juin and avenue Mbuji -Mayi. Next, the ATF building on avenue de la Gombe containing 24 apartments. Everywhere he went, the Minister of State made a bitter observation.

Basically, these buildings are in a state of disrepair. They are not maintained by the occupiers who, moreover, pay insignificant sums to the state. Faced with this dark picture, Pius Muabilu is determined to bring the Congolese state back into its rights.

‘’ I am determined to give back to the state what we owe it. I cannot accept that things can continue like this. It hurts, it’s a lot of money the state is losing, and people don’t care ‘’, claims the Minister of Urban Planning and Housing.

It is essentially the four-storey building, called Mayfer, inhabited respectively by two private tenants and the National Tourist Office, ONT. As well as the EX ATF (French Technical Assistance) building, consisting of 24 apartments and inhabited by several private tenants.

‘’ My observation is sad and bitter. I started here, I’m going to continue in the interior of the country, probably through Mbandaka. I would have to get a real idea of ​​the heritage of the state that I am called upon to manage ‘’, said Pius Muabilu to the bloodhounds who accompanied him.

The Congolese minister of state has said he is very determined to deal with housing in all aspects of the concept, in accordance with the relevant laws in force. Asked what magic will he put in place to make this dream come true, the Congolese statesman refrains from revealing the mystery he is carrying, to end anarchy and depletion of the public treasury.

‘’ I am determined to uphold the state. The Head of State and the Prime Minister trusted me. I have to prove what I can do. People are very hard on the state, they demand everything from the state. They must know that they also have duties and obligations towards the State, ” he said in the process, noting drawn lines on the face, that the time has come. to stop killing the Congolese state by people who are supposed to support the state.

”This is not normal. I am determined to take up the challenge ‘’, he promises to the national opinion which counts on his great managerial capacities.

It is said that there are great remedies for great evils. Pius Muabilu says he started this series of field trips from Kinshasa. The next stage is that of Mbandaka, in Equateur province, before attacking the other provinces of the country.

Note that the Minister of State for Town Planning and Habitat did not rest after his descent to the edge of the Gombe. He conferred, in his study, with a delegation of officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs, about a real estate heritage of the State, formerly a social center, which would be plundered in the commune of Kalamu.

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