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Norbert Basengezi Katintima was deposited

Norbert Basengezi Katintima was deposited with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Interior and Security, Henri Mova Sakanyi, the draft law on the distribution of seats.

This ceremony is worth its weight in gold because it marks a very strong symbol of the completion of the legal and technical acts to be the milestone of the good conduct of the next elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This meeting comes after the long technical step of the identification and the enlistment of the voters which was sanctioned by a qualitative processing of the data of the voters and the announcement, on the national airwaves, of the decision of the CENI N ° 008 of 06 April 2018 publishing voter statistics by electoral entities.

The CENI delegation led by Vice-President Norbert BASENGEZI KATINTIMA and composed among others by the Rapporteur Jean Pierre KALAMBA, Deputy Rapporteur Onésime KUKATULA and Deputy National Executive Secretary Verdonck TSHIYA of the CENI, also aimed to reaffirm the firm commitment as well of the CENI and of the Government of the Republic to have the next elections held on the date of 23 December 2018. The latest text of the legal framework for the elections in the DR Congo allocates seats by constituency for the parliamentary elections, provincial, municipal and local. It is one of the answers to the expectations of the political actors regarding the adoption of an updated legal instrument, on the one hand and the holding of the elections according to the international standards in the matter, on the other hand.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior and Security who had at his side the Minister of State for Decentralization, the Minister in Charge of Relations with Parliament, the Minister in charge of customary affairs, the Deputy Minister of the Interior and Security and the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior in charge of political parties, welcomed the catalytic role that continues to play the CENI despite the many weight and criticism that poorly hide the fear of certain actors policies to descend into the arena of conquest of voters.

As the focal point of the government vis-à-vis the CENI, the Minister of Interior and Security is expected to forward this draft for consideration at the next Council of Ministers between 7 and 13 April 2018. The two chambers of parliament are invited to consider the 14 to 23 April 2018. Finally, promulgation by the Head of State is expected for 8 May 2018, in accordance with the electoral calendar.

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