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Democratic Republic of Congo Forums Food for thought Congolese Should Stop worshipping their pastors Martin Fayulu remains the elected President of the Democratic Republic of Congo


Martin Fayulu remains the elected President of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Martin Fayulu is and remains the elected President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Victim of the theft of voices, flight of dreams, flight of hopes of the Congolese people, Felix Tshilombo Pétain Bizimungu, President Quado!

Our national pizza maker named Sylvester Ilunga Ilunkamba, 73, as Prime Minister. Was it necessary to wait 4 months for Felix Tshilombo to find his “Antoine Gizenga”! In a semi-presidential regime, the head of government must be dynamic, man or woman on the ground, who must know how to meet the expectations of the population and arm themselves for modernity. Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba, was since March 2014, Director General of the National Society of Railways of Congo (SNCC), but this moribund company does not even have a locomotive? 150 months of arrears to the SNCC! How many trains arrive on time? How many derailments? How many deaths because of these derailments? Without falling into blissful youth-ism, the Democratic Republic of the Congo needs a young, technocratic, patriotic prime minister who has never worked with either Mobutu or Mzée Laurent-Désiré Kabila or Alias ​​Kabila. Felix Tshilombo Pétain Bizimungu, who confuses a pizzeria with the Republic, does not know that there are headhunters.

In a country with a crisis of acute legitimacy, with three presidents: Martin Fayulu, Felix Tshilombo Petain Bizimungu and Alias ​​Kabila, president left without leaving, the chief executive. During the Louis Michel 2006 election, to overcome his lack of legitimacy, Alias ​​Kabila who has always presented himself as an independent candidate. He had, with the assistance of the PPRD alliance with the PALU Antoine Gizenga. And it is the latter, who was appointed Prime Minister from 2006-2008. A PM who had not left the prime minister to go down on ground. Antoine Gizenga, who did not even know how to use a “Mpuku Me Fwa” computer, had never made a trip to the provinces. After 600 days he had forfeited and was replaced by his nephew, Adolphe Muzito.

The appointment of Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba as Prime Minister is a non-event. This is the continuity in the occupation.

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