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Kilima Monique Kitoko

Kilima Monique KitokoThe national president of the Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Foundation (FOFAT), Kilima Monique Kitoko, formally rejects the document circulating on social networks, in which its structure organized an information search mission to the Chinese company Ruashi Mining. Which company works in Lubumbashi, in the province of Haut-Katanga. Through a statement made public, the national office of FOFAT says that it is not concerned by this document, which does not commit the Foundation which, at present, is focused on the implementation of its structures and the official exit of which the date is 21 June of the current year.


The Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Foundation, FOFAT, National Office, informs that it is not involved in any approach to the Chinese company Ruashi Mining, operating in Upper Katanga, unlike the document circulating on social networks.

FOFAT encourages its injured members in their working relationship with Ruashi Mining to continue to recover their rights without engaging the institution that is in the process of setting up and recruiting new members.

FOFAT invites its senior executives to be cautious and to devote themselves exclusively to the activities leading up to the official release, scheduled for June 21st, and to which all representations from inside and outside the country are invited.

National Coordinator, Ms. Kilima Kitoko Monique promises to be tougher on any member who does not respect the values ​​and operating framework of FOFAT, founded October 10, 2001

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