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Democratic Republic of Congo Forums Food for thought Congolese Should Stop worshipping their pastors Felix Tshilombo appoints his uncle to a prestigious position


Felix Tshilombo appoints his uncle to a prestigious position

Bishop Gérard Mulumba, 80, appointed head of the presidential civil house, by his nephew Félix Tshilombo

We fought against all dictatorships in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to find ourselves with the same defects? The nepotism of Felix Tshilombo, is an evil that will eat away at the DRC. Nepotism is against meritocracy, harms democracy. It is a brake on economic development and the development of youth. Should we be silent in the face of this scourge of nepotism, the ploy, Clanism and clientelism that Tshilombo is erecting and reviving before us? Since his electoral appointment, Mr. 16%, after a deal, the presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo is now a family, family … Guru of the Bena Mpuka, Taliban and Tribal-ethnic, he is not embarrassed . Félix Tshilombo Pétain Bizimungu is uninhibited by his outrageous tribalist, he displays it and the interview. After the appointment of his 110 advisers, all Kasaians to the presidency of the Republic, here he is again. He has just named, his uncle, Bishop Gérard Mulumba Kalemba, 80, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Mweka in the province of Kasaï, head of the civilian house of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Who says better ? Bena Mpuka and Taliban shout Bokomesana! They forget that the management of a country has its rules, values ​​and principles. And that the DRC, is the Republic. Felix Tshilombo Pétain Bizimungu, with his usurped power, is chief of the band. He knows he was never elected. Here is an individual, who has lived in Belgium for 30 years, foaming all the Nganda de Matongé in Brussels, named president after being beaten by two candidates: Martin Fayulu and Emmanuel Shadary, behaves as village chief, chieftain.

The DRC remains a Republic. Exacerbating tribalism as it does now, the impostor-usurper increases dissatisfaction with his new regime.

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