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COVID-19 Disinfection Operation in Bukavu

The provincial environmental coordinator launched Monday, April 13, the disinfection operation of public places and buildings in the city of Bukavu, from COVID-19.

This operation aims to kill viruses including the coronavirus if it is found in the places concerned.

This operation was officially launched in the provincial governorate where the offices were pulverized by agents of a company called Reply Service in Action RSA.

Provincial Minister of the Environment Venant BURUME indicated that this operation would be extended to other public places as well as to private homes to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“You are aware that South Kivu has covid 19. At the provincial level, we have decided to block the road to Corona, which is why we launched today the disinfection operation of all the buildings and public buildings to slow or stop this virus.

First, we target all public buildings frequented by the population, the provincial assembly, the prosecution, the municipalities, the town hall and others. “Said the provincial Minister of the Environment.

RSA Honoré MALINGANE, managing director of the company, reassured that his team has a sufficient number of subject matter experts who use products approved by the World Health Organization WHO, including chlorine derivatives.

Note that this operation will extend to markets and other public places in the city of Bukavu.

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