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Civil society actors in South Kivu

Civil society actors in South Kivu and members of citizen movements call on the Congolese state to launch a fact-finding mission to cell phone companies, oil tankers and carriers in order to punish those who raise the price of goods and services.

They made the call in a joint statement released on Tuesday May 12, 2020 in Bukavu.

In this declaration, civil society actors regret the depression of the Congolese francs in the face of foreign currency. A dollar is traded on the black market at 1950fc, a situation which pushes certain operators to hide behind the exchange rate to raise the price of goods and services.

Civil society actors further denounce the fact that Congolese consumers continue to suffer enormous damage with the unimaginable skyrocketing price of telecommunication house services when the same services are undesirable.

They also denounce the cunning of certain traders who keep the same price per liter of fuel while the barrel of oil has gone from 67 dollars in December to 20 dollars today.

All calculations made by social actors show that a liter of fuel today had to be bought at 700FC

In this joint declaration, member organizations of civil society and members of citizens’ movements ask the Congolese state to rigorously monitor price structures.

This is done through the national and provincial ministries in charge of the Economy, telecommunications and hydrocarbons. If these recommendations are not followed, the signatories promise to use other means to make their voices heard.

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