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Democratic Republic of Congo Forums Food for thought Congolese Should Stop worshipping their pastors Bishop Pascal Mukuna to face Justice for Serious Crimes


Bishop Pascal Mukuna to face Justice for Serious Crimes

Pascal MukunaBishop Pascal Mukuna was brought to justice for “rape, unlawful detention and death threats” by Mamie Tshibola, wife of his former collaborator Kantshia Milongo.

The complaint was filed this Friday, May 8, 2020 at the General Prosecutor’s Office near the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa / Gombe.

In this complaint, Mamie Tshibola claims that the head of the Assembly Christian Church of Kinshasa (ACK) forced her to have sex with him to recover the certificate of a plot of her husband, located in the commune of Bandalungwa.Pascal Mukuna

“This is how he invited me to the ACK church in Bandal and forced me to have sex with him. Prosecutor, I did my share of the deal and he refused to return these documents and we had with him more than two sexual conjunctions “,  read in this document.

According to her, the last two sexual relations she had with Bishop Mukuna were under threat of a weapon in his office.

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