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Advantages enjoyed by Alias ​​Joseph Kabila after his imposture at the head of the country

Should we laugh and die? It is the hospital that laught at the charity. By tribal coterie, to help Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu to debunk the system of predation, “Momo” Modeste Mutinga proposes the creation of a national prosecutor’s office, not only to fight against corruption, but also hunt down all economic criminals white-collar! Hilarious ! “Momo” Modest Mutinga is still walking with his two legs known to all: Fourberies and Rogue, what good can he propose! His custom-made law, impunity and tremendous benefits, to Alias ​​Kabila was it to fight corruption? “Momo” Modeste Mutinga did not contribute to the descent of hell from the DRC? Congolese live on less than a dollar a day, they complain that Alias ​​Kabila is entitled to $ 680,000 each month. Is not it “Momo” Modeste Mutinga who granted Alias ​​Kabila so many advantages, as former president?

President of the famous High Authority of the Media (HAM) of 2002-2007, “Momo” Modeste Mutinga had transformed this institution of support for the democracy, in “Strangle of Freedoms”. “Momo” Modeste Mutinga had muzzled journalists, gagged media and opponents. “Momo” Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi will go so far as to cancel the democratic debate inscribed in the Constitution that was to oppose Jean-Pierre Bemba to Alias ​​Kabila Kanambe Kazembere Mtwale, the two candidates who came in the running for the second round of the Louis Michel 2006 presidential election Alias ​​Kabila will thank him by naming “Momo” Modeste Mutinga, Senate Rapporteur! Corrupted by regime in place, he will make the elevator to Alias ​​Kabila and protect him. He owes everything to Alias ​​Kabila, he will lay in the Senate”The Modeste Mutinga Law on the Status of Elected Former Heads of State .” “Momo” Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi has put together a bespoke law, and the worst of it is that begging journalists, “Coupagistes” and “Thuriféraires” have praised this accursed law , while “Momo” Modeste Mutinga, the ventriote-Libumucrate, is in the cauldron of Kanambeïste feeder since he was President of the High Authority of the Media (HAM)!

The election Louis Michel 2006, was the first election hold-up of Alias ​​Kabila. That of November 28, 2011, was the second an election hold-up. The DRC has never had a free, democratic and transparent election. And the election of December 30, 2018 has given rise to an ELECTORAL NOMINATION Felix Tshilombo Bizimungu, due to a mafia deal.

Here are the 15 material advantages enjoyed by Alias ​​Joseph Kabila after his imposture at the head of the country:

1. The former President of the Republic elected shall be entitled to a special monthly pension exempt from all taxes. This takes effect at the effective installation of the newly elected president;

2. An annual allowance for services rendered to the nation;

3. A decent housing provided by the State or a housing allowance;

4. A diplomatic passport for himself, his spouse and minor children;

5. Of two vehicles, one of which is of a function and another of domestic use;

6. A security service with a significant logistical means including: – at least 2 bodyguards, – 3 elements of his suite and – a section responsible for the custody of his residence;

7. Domestic staff whose number may not exceed 10 persons;

8. Office premises for itself and for its secretariat, the number of which may not exceed 6 persons;

9. Monthly fuel endowment;

10. Monthly allowance for water, electricity and telephone charges;

11. Health care at home or abroad for the Republic, for himself, his spouse and minor children;

12. A survivor’s pension (monthly) for his surviving spouse who has not remarried, in the event of his death;

13. An orphan’s pension (monthly) for his minor children, in the event of his death;

14. A lump sum allowance for the surviving spouse who has not remarried, in the event of his death;

15. A lump sum allowance for orphans.

Unconscious of the Republic, “Momo” Modeste Mutinga Mutuishayi saved Alias ​​Joseph Kabila Kanambe Kazembere Mtwale, with his accursed law which grants him privileges after 18 years of imposture on the throne of Congo … now, i want to start again with a so-called financial floor for Féix Tshilombo Bizimungu, thief of destiny of the Congolese people. Being an eater at every rack is an art. 

Ndoki is Congo!

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