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On Saturday, August 26, Thomas Luhaka Losendjola had his voter’s card at the registration center of the secondary school of the college of Saint Georges, in the commune of Kintambo. This was a good opportunity for militants of the Liberal Movement -ML- to accompany their leader. At about 3 pm, he met the procedural requirements as required by the CENI. He thus respected all the steps of the identification and enrollment operation. “At the level of the Liberal Movement, we had launched a big campaign in the capital to ask the whole population to enroll massively and today we thought it was our turn to come and set an example, Enlisting, “he said.
A few days after the end of the enrollment, Thomas Luhaka went as President of the Liberal Movement to the registration center of the Collège Saint Georges, to declare his identity and his origins before the Ceni agent who Has transcribed on the card before having his fingerprints taken from the operator of seizure. After finishing the procedure, the leader of the ML then received his voter’s card, the only valid document allowing each Congolese to exercise his right to vote in the next elections.
On leaving the registration center, Thomas Luhaka did not hesitate to launch, once again, an appeal to the Congolese people to come en masse, the duty of every citizen, proof of a good preparation for the elections. Holding his voter’s card in his hand, the leader of the Liberal Movement spoke. “Today, I thought it was my turn to show the example of a civil act to the Congolese people by enlisting me,” he said. “People do not sleep, people do not dream, there will be elections in this country. So, come, come and join us if you really want to express your political choice for credible and peaceful elections in the next elections, “he added. “Despite the difficulties, the smear campaign, the poisoning, the CENI continues to do its work and the Congolese population believes in the electoral process because, as we speak, more than 40 million Congolese have enlisted when talking about the People, we see the Congolese, the people want the elections and they showed this adhesion to the electoral process by coming enlisting in a massive way. We now think that it is absolutely necessary that we go to the elections, that we stop with the distractions. Those who think they can gain power by a coup and also by inciting the population to an insurrection are making a mistake. The vast majority of the population, 40 million Congolese, believe in the electoral process and have made their decision to go to the elections, “he concluded.

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