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It was Saturday, August 26, that the curtains of the first national conference of the internal auditors of the Congo fell. It was organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Congo, IIA Congo, at the Interdiocesan Center of Kinshasa, from 25 to 26 August. Some 100 participants from more than 25 companies and national institutions have reflected on the theme: “Internal audit in DRC: state of play and prospects for the future”. The aim of the meeting was to allow participants to discuss the state of the profession of Internal Auditor and its prospects for the future in the country. At the end of the meeting, the auditors were able to prove that the audit profession existed in the DRC. However, its stability is met with several difficulties. These included the absence of a framework law on internal auditing in the DRC, the reduced number of qualified internal auditors, the lack of specialized training for the training of internal auditors in the DRC, Level institutions of the country’s place. To cope with this, all, then all, have vowed to stand hand in hand, to meet these challenges and regularly organize these types of reunion and exchange activities. In addition, the national legislator and the Ministries of Education must contribute to this struggle.
It was on Friday, August 25, that the go-go of the first National Conference of Internal Auditors of the Congo was given by the Representative of the Governor of the Central Bank of the Congo, Gary Mpunga Tshiyombo. It was just after the inaugural and welcome speech of the President of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Congo, IIA Congo, Mr. Dieudonné Ngoy Mamba. A common thread emerges from their various interventions. The call for concentration and fruitful discussions around the theme: “Internal audit in the DRC: state of play and prospects for the future”.
The methodology used by the IIA Congo to deal with this topic was therefore the presentation of presentations by qualified speakers of the Public Sector and Sectors on controls in general and on Internal Audit in particular followed by debates; Distribution of the questionnaire containing the main points to facilitate the assessment of the state of the profession in the country; Summarize key points drawn from the work of the Conference and, finally, the reading of the synthesis report.
Rich presentations
Several presentations were made. The first was that of the Representative of the President of the Court of Auditors, Louis Kinzhele Ndala’Lele. With proven experience, he has relied on the Internal Audit and Public Sector in the DRC, the case of the Court of Auditors. The second to intervene was the Representative of the Inspector-General of Finance who worked on the audit missions of the General Inspectorate of Finance.
For its part, the Director General of Congo Airways presented the prospects of his company. The Vice President of II A Congo summarized the overall view of the International Institute of Internal Auditors ” IIA Global ”. While another vice-president of this institute spoke of Internal Auditors, the African Federation of IIA and IIA Congo. The reform of the internal control system of the Central Bank of Congo and the place of internal audit in this reform was developed by Gary Mpunga. Internal Audit as seen by Deloitte was the final presentation of this conference. It is important to note that the various partners have explained the services of their companies, such as the company CERI ALLSERVICES, specialized in computer work, represented by Mr. Norbert Kitenge.

Impact of the First National Conference
The meeting organized by the IIA Congo enabled the participants to get to know each other and share their experiences, in accordance with the IIA Global motto: “Progress through Sharing”. This work has had the merit of asserting the existence of the Internal Audit function in the DRC. In addition, it should be emphasized that its main players are: the General Inspection of Finance, the Court of Auditors, the Central Bank of Congo, the Order of Chartered Accountants of the Congo (ONEC / DRC) Internal audit of private sector companies and the Institute of Internal Auditors of the Congo. The participants pointed out that internal audit actors should take into account: the laws of the country and other regulatory texts, the instructions of the Central Bank of the Congo, the manuals of procedures and various instructions of the services, good management practices As well as international standards for internal audit. They also highlighted the added value of internal audit: assurance-efficiency-objectivity. On the human resources aspect, they stressed the competence, the continuous training of the internal auditors as well as the respect of the ethics.
Finally, the one who opened the work, Gary Mpunga, logically, is the one who also closed on Saturday, August 26, 2017.


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