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Dissent to the political opposition, more precisely to the Rassemblement / Limete, is consummated between Jean-Claude Vuemba, president of the MPCR (Congolese People’s Movement for the Republic) and Martin Fayulu, president of the Commitment for Citizenship and Development). Indeed, the elected representative of the territory of Kasangulu, Vuemba Jean-Claude, does not intend to subscribe to a flat to lower his eagerness to his Colleague, Martin Fayulu denounces wanting to push him to the exit door of gathering.

Since his electoral fief of Kasangulu in the Central Kongo on Friday, August 25, Jean-Claude Vuemba, during an interview with the press, declared that it was Martin Fayulu who pushed him to the exit door Of the Rally by carefully dismissing it on the list of delegates of the Dynamics of the opposition to sit on the Council of Elders of the Rally. Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba (peace to his soul), since Genval, has remained hostile to any attempt to bite the hook tended by the Presidential Majority, the only mega-platform created at the initiative of a strong and unshakable castle.

According to him, his exclusion from the Rassemblement was not correlated with his last media outlet, where he affirmed discreet contacts between the Opposition and the Presidential Majority with a view to the formation of a new government, the head of which The executive would be Felix Anthony Tshisekedi Tshilombo. Information about the rest, quickly denied by Felix himself when he declared, without procrastinating: ” I am neither a taker nor an applicant for a job at Kabila. Hence, Kalibia must be left alone, its failure “.

Faced with this controversy, the national deputy Vuemba wanted to illuminate the lantern of the national as well as the international opinion on the genesis of the Dynamics of the Opposition. According to him, he is one of the co-founders of the Dynamics of the Opposition alongside Vital Kamerhe and Ingele Ifoto, the current Minister of Energy and Hydraulic Resources.

Given that the Rally constitutes a structure that gathers platforms, the president of the MPCR can not sit there if he has not been delegated by his platform. Other similar cases are also reported to the Rassop / Limete who remains the embodiment of the popular will or silent majority. This is particularly the case of Gilbert Kiakwama and Fiyou Dodomboni who suffer the same fate, says Vuemba.

Moreover, in the chapter on the formation of a new government, the moral authority of the MPCR said that it had been approached but only the Rassemblement had already lifted the option not to work with Kabila, which he said had difficulty Respect the agreements.

This is the high point of Jean-Claude Vuemba’s communication in order to lift the sail that obstructed the path of truth about his lugubrious relations with Martin Fayulu. However, he said he still has good relations with Felix Tshisekedi, president of the Rally.

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