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In a series of interviews conducted between mid-June and mid-July by RTGA journalist Souzie Kibira, several high-ranking personalities lent their votes to the documentary project around Rev. Dr. Milenge Mwenelwata, re-elected 2nd Vice-President of the RTGA. Church of Christ in Congo (ECC). Among the personalities who had spoken of Bishop Milenge, it is appropriate to quote Professor Masiala-ma-Solo, Former President of Protestant Laity (MILAPRO). The latter did not hesitate to call Milenge as a good student when he had welcomed him to the Protestant University at the Faculty of Theology. Further on, Prof. Masiala ranked him among the best students of the time. “Besides, I have accompanied him twice, as Ambassador of Peace. He was crowned at the time in the large conference room for Foreign Affairs here in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC. And then he was elevated to the rank of Doctor Honoris Causa in his field of Theology, “revealed Prof. Masiala. For the former President of the Protestant laity, Milenge is a man of big business, an entrepreneur, not in the commercial sense, but he knows how to sell himself and sell the project he understood. Below, the entire interview between Souzie Kibira, journalist with the RTGA and Prof. Masiala.

What has marked you in his professional career?

Its availability. He is very available and very enterprising. For he clings to what he has understood, and it is fundamental as Protestant and as the one who follows and who accompanies and understands the foundation of the Reformation of 1517, we are five hundred years now, I have the impression that Milenge has this aura initiated by the reformation of Luther and Calvin, and Zwingli and Farel of Bisel, it marked me and everywhere they introduce me Milenge is said to be a peaceful man, A jovial man, a man who is good with others, that I can affirm so he marked me a lot.

What can you advise her not to do?

He has a future that is radiant, he is young, he is intelligent, he does not only love his country and his church but he also loves his neighbor. The Reformation has relied on three fundamentals, piety for oneself, therefore sanctification, equity, that also it must be aligned (…). I am like him and the Protestants of 1517 insisted on equity.

And to those who do not know them, what do you advise them?

We must approach him, we must approach Milenge, talk with him, he is open, he receives everyone, I think he is indeed a shepherd, a pastor. I came to him once and only circumstantially. I want to change that too to get to know Milenge in his childhood father’s cap at home at home, because I know him in his office, in the Church, in what we do together at the African Observatory of Sanction positive.

He is listening to you at this moment, what message are you addressing him?

Yes. I salute him first, I salute Pastor Milenge on the line, on the conduct of the Protestant Church in the Congo and he fights, he organizes, he has ideas and ideas, he shares them. Here, the third fundamental profile of Protestants is sharing, that is to say, to know how to share, how to give and to give, it is necessary to possess and it is at work until late at night. I get the impression that he knows how to work. This is an asset for Milenge. I invite others to discover this man; A man of peace; A man who works, a man who loves, a man who shares, a home that is listening to everyone.

thank you very much

Thank you.

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