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At the present time, the strikes are linked and multiplied in the various departments of the Congolese state. After the strike was launched by doctors and university professors, it was added to the list now, teachers, magistrates and a probability among agents of the financial authorities. The Congolese population survives as it can, under the most resourceful conditions that can exist. As for the doctors and teachers, who are the actors most affected by this strike epidemic, discussions are ongoing between their respective unions and the government, leading to a probable solution within 24 hours. What can we do, in view of all these failures which form a blockade preventing the country from functioning properly? This is the question to which the Government and trade unions and workers strikers must reflect, to regain the embellishment. This would allow, for example, in the short term, to extinguish the fire.

“Take back the service, we will improve the situation.” This is a sentence of the Government that the agents of the State treat of song mocked. They say that they have heard it more than once from the authorities, always promising them a better hope that definitely never happens. Here we are a few days from the date scheduled for the start of the school year, September 4, 2017 and yet, the craze is not noticed in the school supply markets of the Congolese capital. Whether in the schools or with the parents, we do not see a classic re-entry for the beginning of September which, ultimately, promises to be hypothetical. With the exception of private schools and Catholic licensed schools, where the leaders declare themselves ready to receive pupils on the date scheduled by the Ministry of Education, Primary, Secondary and Vocational-EPSP, the others are based on their decision On the fate of the discussions between the Government and trade unions. “We are pilots of the country and we respect the official dates. We must put into practice what we are evangelizing, “declares vivace, Secretary of the Lyceum Mgr Shaumba, in the commune of La Gombe. Whether it is for schools approved by the churches, or those directly under the control of the government, the observation is the same, the return is timid.

For this woman, official and mother of 4 children, the observation is bitter. “We do not pay parents or teachers. Finally, what will we do with our children? She wondered in the wake. On the hospitals side, the situation is alarming. The strike is chaotic to such an extent that apart from doctors and the entire hospital staff, the administrative department has also run out of power. The hospitals of reference of the city of Kinshasa now resemble abandoned labyrinths, without the least nurse in the vicinity. Somewhere in the capital there is a meeting between the Government and the trade unions of professors, doctors and the officials who had formed a bloc. For three days, they are forced to find a real solution to palliate this serious problem to which more than one Congolese feels tense. “We agreed with the Government on the amount of 145,000 FC that we are supposed to receive at the end of each month. But, all this was just a dream, “says an official from the Kintambo Referral Hospital. When the professors, with all the scientific staff, the teachers, the doctors and all the hospital staff, the magistrates and the civil servants, throw themselves into the same bag, one imagines already, Effect of the bomb that this could produce. In the meantime, oddly enough, at the beginning of next month, there is reason to fear, by a reverse-hair effect, the sparks of a large forest fire in DR. Congo. Where is Tshibala? But if this situation is not generally controlled, how will he himself save his own head?

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