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It has neither a timetable nor a concrete proposal for the holding of elections by the end of December 2017. All it has is its famous critical path accompanied by all the pitfalls likely to justify the postpone sine die Of the elections, or to delay, against all odds, the electoral process itself, as envisaged and desired so far.
Marked terminals
However, the agreement of December 31, 2016, concluded under the beard of the Bishops, foresaw, the institution of a Transition for a concerted and consensual management, political clearing through the measures of confidence and mutual guarantee, for a democratic alternation And peaceful relations between the current President Joseph Kabila, who came to the end of his second and last term on 20 December 2016 and his elected successor.
The same Agreement also provided for transparency and balance in the management of the Res Publica with a view to reducing the national cohesion fabric, which had been difficult to find, from Sun City after the burial of the hatchet Components and Entities, coming from the East under the era of Mlc, RCD, Maï-Maï etc. During this period, it is a question of putting the process back on track, in order to give it, ultimately, the chances of a smooth outcome and no grabug.
What is Kananga hiding?
Yesterday, indeed, Nangaa, the President of the Central Electoral Office, arrived in Kananga, in the Central Kasai, where he apparently should move on to the next stage of the execution of this Plan B . He led behind him a strong delegation consisting mainly of the members of the Bureau and the Plenary of the CENI. Then, according to snippets of information and, moreover, confirmed by the CENI, herself, in a well-signed dispatch, Nangaa would have in mind the idea of ​​carrying out a first phase of the evaluation at which he Would have taken care to associate some National Deputies and Senators, sorted on tongs.
And to give it a minimum of credibility, some Zimbabwean, South African or Zambian diplomats are participating in this work, which will obviously take place for three days, outside of the hubbub of Kinshasa, the cosmopolitan city, where the atmosphere has become Tshisekedi’s funeral, or even, to the extreme, this rally of the Rally of Political and Social Forces Acquired to the Change announced but not yet authorized , At the level of Kimbuta Yango, at the Town Hall.
At this stage, this is only the beginning of what now seems to be the path of non-return to normal, or, at least, what was planned for the holding of Elections, by 31 December 2017 at the latest.
In the near future, after the success of the Kananga meeting, Nangaa, the same, will return to the Government and the CNSA to try the last landing maneuvers before proposing new indications of dates whose deadlines will certainly exceed Bounded at the Interdiocesan Center and cast in the Agreement of the Sylvester, whose application is demanded, at the same time, by the hard wing of the Rally, as constellated around the shadow of Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, in its bastion of Limete, the International Community through its resolution 2348 of the UN Security Council, the European Union and, above all, certain Western powers, like the United States of America and others.
Olenghankoy tries the field …

Meanwhile, Joseph Olenghankoy in Kinshasa, catapulted to the head of the CNSA in highly contested circumstances, plays in his own way, part of the score. He consults and rakes wide. Every day that passes, the man whose count of the number of his hair can prove to be a perilous exercise, buries, after his contacts, the last recipe through which, the current electoral process, with its titillations laboriously Maintained, might finally know its last epilogue.
So during the three days in Kananga, if we are to return to the fabric of what was learned late yesterday evening, the CENI with its partners selected, would be in a position to propose, in a Concrete, a new roadmap in terms of scenarios that it will submit, on the day ” j ”, to the Government and the CNSA which, they, will only endorse, while proposing, however, some recommendations.
So, before placing the electoral process, which has become very ill, on dialysis, it is necessary that the treating physicians make the diagnosis and clear the ground. That is, in any case, the work that is currently under way in Kananga. Unless it can be deduced that within a few months of the end of the twelve-month extension, obtained during the direct discussions, the CENI can still seek to gain time, in a species of a new leap in the Empty! Not so obvious, since the scenery planted, even before the announcement of the results of this evaluation, however minimal, leads us to believe that time is no longer to be lost. Otherwise, we risk missing everything.

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