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Arriving on Tuesday, 29 August 2017, at the head of a strong government delegation in Kananga, the capital of Central Kasaï where the internal evaluation of the electoral process takes place, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of the Interior And Security did not fail to confide in the press. “We are here in Kananga to continue the implementation of the Agreement we signed on December 31, 2016. The main objective of this agreement is the organization of the elections and stipulates that there must be evaluations regular. So we come here to begin this process. The CNSA was set up. Now we need to make assessments, starting with the state of the situation in the electoral process. There are several constraints, technical, political, financial, security, etc. Which must be addressed by experts. After listening to the CENI, each side will also have to give its point of view … “, said Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary to the press after his landing. He added: “After the Kananga stage, there will now be a true tripartite evaluation that will allow projections to be made towards the actual elections. Projections in the form of a chronogram, understood here as the calendar to be presented. We are here to prepare the real tripartite that will take place in the next few days.

In addition to the number one of the territorial, four Ministers of State, respectively in charge of justice, decentralization, Budget and relations with the Parliament are dispatched to Kananga. Not only. Also included in the delegation are the Ministers of National Defense, Finance and the Department of Customary Affairs. Two institutions in support of democracy, the CSAC and the CNSA, in this case, are represented respectively Tito Ndombi and Adolphe Lumanu. It should be noted that the presence of the second personality of the National Monitoring Council of the Agreement is symbolic. This is all the more so since it is this institution of support for democracy, overseen by Joseph Olenghankoy, who, in a diplomatic manner, rejected the holding of the tripartite for the end of August because in the eyes of the majority of the members of this structure , Before being able to rule on the electoral process, it was necessary to imbibe the situation. And, after the meetings in recent weeks with Nangaa, the time would be for contacts with the Tshibala Government. Initial meetings have already been initiated.

Why in Kananga?

Immediately after Kananga airport, VPM Ramazani Shadary presided over the expanded security meeting with members of the Central Government in the presence of the Provincial Vice-Governor. On this occasion, he narrated the scope of the mission after listening to the provincial authority’s statement on the general situation of the province. Therefore, he justified the choice of the city of Kananga for this work. Kananga is the birthplace of the first so-called Luluabourg constitution, and finally Kananga symbolizes peace found by the presence of officials in this part of the country recently plagued by a terrorist insurrection that now belongs to history. Supported the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of the Interior and Security.

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