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What will happen on September 4, the date chosen for the 2017-2018 school year throughout the country? Do we know that white blues will be able to return to school? Is the current situation in the country, with cascading strikes in almost all sectors of national life, conducive to the success of this resumption of classes? There are so many questions that triturate the meninges of more than one Congolese. With only 7 days remaining, the Government of the Republic does not hide its determination to get back to school. Indeed, everything is implemented, so that this re-entry takes place normally. This is due to the notoriety of the minister in charge of this sector, starting from the whole nation. To this end, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Gaston Musemena Bongala, said he was confident that everything would be done according to the school calendar approved by the Government of the Republic. Showing above all his firmness, he was opposed to any politicization of the resumption of the courses, recalling that the beginning of classes is a legitimate right of the children, as guaranteed by the Constitution. However, she will intervene, this school year, against a backdrop of an acute crisis, unparalleled. Indeed, the two unions of primary and secondary education, Syeco and Synecat, and the Government of the Republic are knocked out. The first group understands that before the resumption of teachings, the Government has to respond to their desideratas contained in the specifications transmitted to the Government. It resumed the improvement of the working conditions and the indexing of the rate of 1425 FC the dollar to their salary scale of August this, in accordance with the promise made by the Prime Minister, Bruno Tshibala, at the investiture of His Government to the National Assembly. The Government, on the other hand, only said that it would work in the direction of responding to it, because the discussions were ongoing. For the time being, it turns out that teachers have to content themselves with the readjustment of 20,000 FC on their salary. Passed to the scalpel, the two positions are far from converging and one feels the arm-wrestling continue. If it is true that this time, a dose of radicalization is seen, with the deal last week, between professors, doctors and civil servants, there is a risk that everything will get carried away. However, analysts in the primary, secondary and vocational education sector recall that it has always been the case for several decades. With each new school year, the teachers go up to the niche, to make their voice heard, and then they start to work. Perhaps, it is said, it is because it is an apostolate. Is that a reason for the government to fold its arms? Is not it that he would be irresponsible in this case? In any case, it must be recognized that the return to school is a legitimate right of the children as guaranteed by the Constitution. It is also a legitimate right of teachers to demand improvements in their working conditions. Because there is no “little right” and “great right”, respect all rights. Teachers to resume service on September 4 and the state to abstain from the fallacious promises, but to address their concerns. That is the legitimate right that must be respected at all costs. The sooner the better.

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