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* Dura lex, sed lex, they say. The sword of Damocles, long suspended in the air, since its arrival at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, has finally entered into execution. Jean-Lucien Bussa Tongba has definitely taken action. This weekend, he signed a series of Ministerial Decrees, at the end of which he went to war against smuggling, illegal and fraudulent imports and exports, maffia, The Congolese economy to the point of preventing its outbreak, as desired by the Head of State, Joseph Kabila Kabange, under the banner of which the Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala Nzenzhe and Members of its government team. Offenders, who are thus warned, will only attack themselves. For the Congolese state, in the exercise of its sovereignty, will not retreat, as long as its interests are put in a ballotage by economic operators who have been shaming for years in the exodus of capital and are Butter on the back of the Congolese people. Enough is enough !
So, finished the threats! It is time for action. Jean-Lucien Bussa Tongba has decided to impose a ban on imports on Congolese soil, a series of products with high consumption. For example, gray cement, beer and carbonated beverages, iron bars that once came from abroad to flood the market, while inoculating the venom of untimely disturbances, are prohibited import.
The aim of this approach is to support the Cabinet of the Minister of State for Foreign Trade, to combat smuggling, fraud, the Sicilian mafia with its perverse effects on public finances and, above all, to stop Imports and exports.
Already, the other aim here is to protect local industry from the invasion of imported products whose quantities were far superior in the market Recovered, at the end of all these disorders, totally asphyxiated. Accompanying measures will, of course, be taken to bring economic operators working in various sectors affected by this series of measures to prices that are within the reach of all exchanges.
Henceforth, some of the products listed should, for their importation, be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. In the wake of this, it should be noted that the importation of beer and soft drinks, as they had previously been, without any counter-value to the public treasury, is strictly prohibited. Like the import of the series of products from the countries suffering from foot-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease, viral fever with Ebola virus, ivory tips, antique works, red parrots, Such as Okapi, Leopard skins, rhinoceros tips, medicinal plants, traditional folk music instruments, seedlings as well as cinchona bark, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and chemicals withdrawn from circulation, noble papers , Products covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora are strictly prohibited. That’s not all. In addition to this are gray cement and clinker, as well as a considerable number of products, as set out in the appendix, of one of the Decrees out of the four which have been published this week End, are subject to drastic restriction measures. Since these are official decisions, find out in this edition the details of these orders and the list of products placed under the influence of these restrictive measures taken by Jean-Lucien Bussa, On behalf of the Congolese government for the good of its fellow citizens.

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