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The MSC closes its University of Change and displays its ambitions. The capacity building seminar was very interesting. The fighters appreciated the interventions based on “Political Communication, Political Marketing and Leadership in a Political Party”. The objective of this session is to drop the Executives in political debates for the conquest of power. The MSC, the People’s Front and the Rally reject the SADC declaration on the impossibility of organizing elections in 2017 in the DRC. “The MSC fought for six years for alternating power. It is high time that the Congolese can take charge, “said Laurent Batumona, the Moral Authority of this political machine of change. Regarding the New Year’s Eve, Laurent Batumona urged President Joseph Kabila to enter the Agreement. He believes that the Agreement can not be applied without the bishops who are its parents. “The walls of the Accord are broken, the Bishops have to go back to rebuild those walls.” “We can not tolerate a third dialogue, but we believe that a window may open up for the talks to be started in order to avoid the country from falling into chaos.” For the remaining four months, he called on the international community to intervene to implement the Agreement and to finance the elections. The MSC, supported its leader, sympathized with the misfortune that has mourned the village of Tara. He recommends that the government declare a national mourning and initiate a fund-raising campaign to support these compatriots hit hard by this natural disaster.
The University of Change of the Solidarity Movement for Change closed on Sunday, August 27, 2017. A training session marked by demonstrations of strength and ambitions displayed by militants for the conquest of power. After four days of presentations, debates and performances, the University of Change has closed its doors with a determination for change. It was President Laurent Batumona who was responsible for delivering the closing speech. “The holding of this training and information session responded to a wish I had personally expressed, because I felt that strengthening your capacities in the field of political communication, political marketing, leadership and In the perfect knowledge of the project of society of our party would be an essential contribution in the political fight that we lead together to conquer the power, “thus launched the National President of the MCS and the Front of the people.
What to remember about the MSC’s University of Change?
On the political front, President Batumona delivered a speech on the objectives of this capacity-building seminar, social and economic policy, cohesion within the Party, the evolution of the activities of the People’s Front and the Rally.
On the issue of elections and in connection with the “unfortunate” statement of Jacob Zuma, South African President, Laurent Batumona literally wetted the shirt. Strong in the face of the Rally and the MSC militants, he protested energetically.
For Batumona Laurent, Jacob Zuma can not take the place of the Congolese people to whom he called for vigilance all over the place. According to him, the Congolese people must draw their strength of resistance in the National Anthem when it is necessary to proclaim ” Congolese Débout ”. He denounced the behavior of the SADC for having blurred the Rally three times. This speech was much anticipated after the eddies of the last few days provoked, among others, by the Ceni and the SADC.
“SADC is one of the Institutions which, in their pettiness, asked the Rassemblement to present three names for the appointment of the Prime Minister, whereas this position is contrary to and violates the Comprehensive and Inclusive Political Agreement of the Center Interdiocésain de Kinshasa ”, Lambasted Laurent Batumona.
In this regard the MSC believes that the international community and the United Nations should provide the necessary resources for the organization of the elections within the time frame agreed upon through the UNDP and for the implementation of the 31 December 2016.
Third Dialogue
Among the main points that the President of the MSC delivered, the issue of dialogue was raised. For the MSC, the third dialogue is not on the agenda. “The MSC with the Rally is preparing to face the elections by December 31, 2017 at the latest.”
It should be noted that this ceremony ended with the handing over of patents to the participants of the MSC’s University of Change, or 1,500 in total. Another session is planned for next September.

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